Sunday, 5 July 2009

developing language capability

Data from Language Center (PB) showed that only ten percent of UIN Jakarta’s student class of 2005 achieved TOEFL score range of 450 until 600. The faculty with the highest number of students achieving this range of score is Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching Science (FITK) while the faculties with the lowest number of students achieving this range of score are FUF and FDI.

Head of Language Center (PB) UIN Jakarta Dr Atiq Susilo said that there are many factors leading to this low TOEFL score result. “The factors are, the unavailability of an institution which specializes in handling language at UIN Jakarta, the student’s input and the output from the respective faculties,” he said in PB Building, Friday (4/4).

He added, now UIN Jakarta only has a Unit of Technical Procedure (UPT) of language which is managed by Language Center (PB). This unit has no authority in developing students’ language capability because it only serves as the operational policy maker and not as the operational strategy maker.

“Due to the inadequate role of PB, the responsibility of developing language capability lies in the hands of respective faculties. Unfortunately, some faculties have guidelines and supervisions in language teaching and they also do not entirely comprehend the method of language teaching. Thus, in the end the responsibility all lies to the lecturers with their diverse competencies. And this is undermined by the lack of effort by the student in improving their English skills,” he said.

The TOEFL which was jointly hold last year was the implementation of the Rector Letter of Decision (SK) No 241, 2005 about the minimum TOEFL score of 450 and minimum TOAFL score of 375 as a prerequisite for thesis trial which is valid as of class of 2005.